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Ruby City Tactical Guide
Assembled by Vash Zwingli (Switzerland)
Special thanks to Edogawa Conan, Lavi, Janice Rand, and Sieg
Version 1.0

The Current Threat

Name: Temper Vale
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: Approximately 5'10" or 5'11"
Powers: Some sort of "siren song"; he can change what you do by talking to you. There has been record of attempts of attacking him only to have the weapon turned back on the owner, if memory serves.
Attitude: Tranquil on the surface, but far more deadly and in control than he lets on.

Name: Gene Jecklin, "Theodore" or "Theo"
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown-black
Height: Approximately 6'
Powers: What he calls his “luck” that seemingly makes it impossible to land a hit on him, bare fists, magic, weapon or otherwise. To use his words, “Your luck, my luck, they stop becoming chance when I want them to. There's a blow that comes toward me, it looks as though it's going to be close, it'd only be by sheer good fortune I'd escape unscathed. I escape by a hair. Just like that. Those little things, those uncontrollable elements, those accidents, I can do with as I will, make them if I really need to.”
Attitude: Very willing to talk, calls himself the "black sheep" of the group, tense relationship with Temper. He appears charming, easy to talk to, and would have it said of himself that he’s “dashingly good looking”.

Name: Dil Blackwood
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark-- black-brown
Height: Approximately 5'8" or 5'9"
Powers: Unknown
Attitude: Superior, deadly-- rather like the cat with a cornered mouse

Name: Tim Lear
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: White-blonde
Height: Approximately 6'
Powers: Unknown
Attitude: Unstable

Name: Chassie Barrows
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Dark-- brown? Black?
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Height: Small -- appears to be a child
Powers: Perhaps some form of reality manipulation-- she once made it appear that the whole city was a fairy-tale world for up to a month
Attitude: Child-like, uses very childish form of speech, but is not to be thought of as a child, given her powers. She nearly killed myself and 202 by bringing down a castle on top of us.

Name: Chari Landry
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: Unknown-- I haven't met her in person, just over the communicators
Powers: The guardian of Chassie; split personalities? No, more like... sometimes she looses control of herself. She says that “It’s me, it’s still me, but it’s not who I am. Something is broken inside me. I didn’t used to be this way. Before.” She can walk through walls.
Attitude: Rather sweet and kind of vapid, but don't be fooled. She has a strange sense of honor, but seems to hold true to it.

Name: Atien Moore
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Unknown-- dark?
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: Smaller and slight
Powers: Unknown
Attitude: Slow to act or react, but sharp minded-- to be treated with extreme caution and considered deadly

They were once human, but somehow gained special powers and are apparently no longer thus. Apparently someone or something “changed” them and died shortly after, but it’s uncertain if they died by natural causes or at the hands of our captors. Chari says that “they weren’t given much chance to think about [whether or not they were a successful or failed experiment]. We were more than they’d intended -- or more than they hoped for. That’s what Temper says.”

Supposedly our captors come from some version of Earth--a dead one. What happened to it is unknown, but I get the feeling they had something to do with its demise.

They brought us here, according to Temper, “For the purposes of learning, on both sides of the equation”.

They are very powerful, no matter how they seem. They took power from the Watcher and the Interloper, who were the initial beings in control of the city. It's safe to say they're dead and gone now at the hands of our captors.

They are all kin, but not all of them are related by blood.

The Watcher and Interloper

These are the two that the seven above unseated. I include them to give a hint of the sheer power of our current captors that they were able to defeat and apparently kill them.

An excerpt from a journal discovered in the library by Edogawa Conan and Lavi:

"It's no good... He's taken out half the city already, none of us are a match for him. A few of us have managed to hide in the cellars below, but he knows we're here. What could have caused this? We never did anything against the Levia clan... I only pray to the God we had forsaken so long ago that some of us make it out of here alive. Not even the catacombs are safe... All of the slaves released, a rebellion started up. We assumed it was those damned Metal protesters again, but we were wrong. Belial has gained control of the Elements... It doesn't make any sense, the Vampyre isn't supposed to be... It doesn't matter.

Some of us were praying for the Elder of the clan to show up and put an end to this madness... When he came, we thought we were saved. It was not to be. A wall has been raised around the city, trapping us like a bunch of animals. Beelzebub did not come here to save us. His silhouette on the wall is only proof that we're all doomed. I've heard rumors of the Levia twins taking out entire cities in the past... The younger slaughtering all in his path for his own personal joy while the elder merely watches with that emotionless gaze... We were fools to think ones so dangerous and unpredictable were our allies. Perhaps God truly does exist, and this is our punishment for founding this city on the blood of others. I can hear the screams getting closer, it's too late."

Lavi also witnessed first hand one of the brothers turning a monster to stone with no effort at all. Edogawa Conan met with both and spoke of how powerful they were even in mere presence.
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