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Why? Because I love history and want to try telling it from Vash's point of view.


Switzerland was born on August 1, 1291 as the Old Swiss Confederacy. Originally formed of three allied valleys, he grew into a loose collective of thirteen major cities and a number of smaller communities. He developed his strict sense of neutrality very early in his life when his people took different sides in a conflict between France and Italy, the consequence being near annihilation. Taking this lesson to heart, Vash decided that he would never again take sides for fear of greater destruction. He began training to become stronger so that he could not be forced to do anything he didn't want to do.


It wasn't until 1648 that Switzerland was acknowledged by the rest of Europe as an independent nation, having gained respect by being a "peaceful island" in the storm later known as the 30 Year War. Unfortunately the peace was not to last.

Beginning with the first Peasants' War in 1653, Vash's homeland was thrown into chaos as the rural population began to revolt against what they considered to be the unfair rule of the cities. These bloody times would continue until 1798 when the turmoil came to a head as the Swiss Revolution. This began the long uphill struggle by Vash to restore order and peace, now grown to twenty-two member states.

In 1848 Switzerland became a federal state, inspired by the United States' constitution. This is probably the only thing that Vash will credit Alfred with as a "good idea." The Swiss constitution is revised in 1874 to take away much of the power from the church and give it to the government.


A precocious country in many ways, Switzerland became on of the first European countries to be industrialized. Unfortunately he was not immune to the environment of the times and spent the twenty years between 1840 to 1860 desperately trying to regain control over a downward spiraling economy. Proving that despite his removed attitude towards the world he was still a moral country, Switzerland founded the International Red Cross in 1863, an organization whose sole purpose was to give aid to those in need. This philanthropic act would earn Vash respect the world over, especially since it came at a time when he himself was still struggling with depression. It was around this time that a particularly creative man invented the Swiss army knife in reaction to finding out the knives the army currently used were made in Germany.

In 1914 other countries tried to force Vash into participating in the first World War, to which he replied "Screw you!" and maintained neutrality by sheer force of "I have more guns than you."

Vash finally managed to regain his footing only to lose it again in the European and World Economic Crisis' of 1918-1933. He took in Liechtenstein in 1919, giving her shelter and protection as best he could even as he sank further into economic depression.

With no time to recover, Switzerland was immediately faced with the growing fascist threat festering within Germany as Hitler gained renown and power. Vash opened his home to thousands of refugees fleeing from the Third Reich and protected over 150,000 refugees for the duration of the war.

Surrounded by the fascist forces of Germany, Italy and Austria, he was forced into some trade with Ludwig for the survival of his people, but still refused to aid him with military strength. Vash stood by the motto "Geistige Landesverteidigung," or "spiritual national defense," reflecting his mindset of unity and moral integrity. In response to the very real threat of being overtaken by the Nazi's, Switzerland mobilized over 430,000 troops to patrol the his borders. However Vash was very aware of the fact that he was grievously undermanned should Ludwig attempt a full scale invasion and had a wild card in reserve. The main railway between Germany and Italy ran directly through Switzerland, so he made a deal with the devil and agreed to allow un-inspected transports to run freely between his enemies in return for raw materials and goods. If either tried to invade Vash would blow up the rail line, crippling the war effort for several years.

Unfortunately Switzerland was not immune to temptation and his desperate state of poverty drove him to accept stolen gold and money from looted homes, forever a black mark in his memory.

Modern Day

Since the end of the War, Vash has experienced an increase in prosperity. His politics and economy are stable, which has helped him to slowly come to a more open and tolerant view of the world arena as a whole. Though still a long way from being considered personable, Vash finally did relent to joining the United Nations.


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